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We are honored to provide you with a definition and previous experience about our company, hoping that you will be accepted as we are a pioneering institution established since 1976 working in the field of contracting, industry and trade under the name of “Al-Kulaib Enterprises Group for Trade and General Contracting”, and the group is divided into several sections.


The Foundation also has many experiences that qualify it to implement all types of construction projects during the specified period of time for the project and according to specifications and at the highest level of quality as the Foundation has many experiences gained from implementing many projects at the state level in Abu Dhabi, Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah under Supervision by government agencies (Works Department – Ministry of Public Works – Department of Social Services) and quasi-governmental bodies (Public Authority for Transport and Services – Public Authority for Youth Welfare – Sheikh Zayed Housing Program).

Safety, Health & Enviroment

Al Kulaib Group are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for our employee’s and for those under our care. Our group’s safety records boast zero class one incidents, (an accident that results in a fatality or that permanently alters a person’s life) having collectively engaged in over three million man hours of labor. This record is testament to our extensive safety management systems which seek to minimize and eliminate lost working hours as a by-product of accidents sustained on site.

Our dedicated safety management teams oversee proceedings on site and conduct regular safety audits of every project, to ensure rigorous compliance with health and safety systems.


Al Kulaib Group, Vision will continue expanding our role as a leader in the construction industry by building relationships with our clients and employees based on performance, trust and confidence.

Al Kulaib Group offers construction services, Manufacturing and building materials trading of the highest quality and value to our clients delivered by the team of construction professionals committed to excellence.

Al Kulaib Group is dedicated to maintaining a team environment and working in a cooperative format with owners, design and construction professionals committed to excellence.


The mission of Al Kulaib Group is to provide innovative, reliable and high quality services to clients. Al Kulaib Group fulfill their mission by developing highly trained loyal employees who work as a team to anticipate, identify, and respond to the clients need.

Al Kulaib Group is driven at Al Kulaib General Contracting to lead the industry by recognizing that every detail of a projects design is a step on the stairs to excellence.

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Head Office: Al-Kulaib Group Building – Al Rams St. – Ras Al Khaimah – United Arab Emirates – P.O.BOX :319

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